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Belarus to remodel memorial to villages burned during war by June


The unveiling ceremony of the remodeled memorial complex in the village of Borki in Kirovsk District will become one of the main events in Mogilev Oblast timed to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The memorial commemorates villages of the region that were burned down during the war, Mogilev Oblast Governor Leonid Zayats said at a press conference, BelTA has learned. The official opening of the memorial is scheduled for 15 June. More than 2,000 civilians were killed here during a large Nazi punitive operation on 15 June 1942.

The memorial complex includes a chapel, a monument, and six granite plates with names of 112 burned villages. In line with the new concept it will change completely, Leonid Zayats noted. The memorial complex will represent a street of frames of burned houses with survivors' memories inscribed on the walls. Plans are in place to install sculptures depicting the horrors of the tragedy. A stone with a message for future generations will be laid at the end of the street.

Trees will be planted behind the memorial as a symbol of life. Names of 33 more destroyed villages will be added to the granite plates. The project will use modern light and sound technology. We should preserve the memory about those events and people and pass it to next generations. Such memorial complexes should remind us of the importance to solve all problems peacefully, Leonid Zayats stressed. After the war, the village of Borki was revived but a lot of neighboring villages were never rebuilt.

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