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Housing construction in Minsk Oblast is carried out at an active pace


According to the Economy Committee of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, in the first half of the year, 494.5 thousand sq. M. Were put into operation in the central region at the expense of all funding sources meters of the total area of housing, which is 126.1 percent of the assignment for January-June 2020.

669 residential buildings (apartments) have been built for large families, the newspaper Slava Pratsy writes.

Construction is actively underway in Kopyl region. According to the head of the housing and communal services, architecture and construction department of Kopyl Region Executive Committee Marina Kanonchik, in the first half of the year, 2,943 sq. meters of total housing area, which is 45.3% of the annual target. For large families, 1,688 sq. meters of total housing area, which is 9 residential premises (150% of the plan).

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