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Looking forward to spring! Maslenitsa festival in Mayak Minska complex on 29 February


Although there has been no actual winter this year, we are still looking forward to spring! On 29 February, the multifunctional complex Mayak Minska will host a big and memorable Maslenitsa celebration. It will be a true folk festival!

In the past few years Mayak Minska has hosted a lot of events. Every concert, festival, and promo event drew thousands of viewers and participants. There is enough place for everyone! During the winter holiday season, a lot of fests are held in the Dana Mall shopping and entertainment center. In summer there is no better venue for a celebration than Picasso Boulevard and the square near the multimedia fountain Dana Dance. It is beautiful and spacious!

The Maslenitsa celebration will be held on Picasso Boulevard on Saturday, from 12:00 till 20:00. We would not spoil all surprises prepared by the organizers. It would be enough to say that a fair will be set up here, offering treats to suit every taste. The celebration will feature artists performing in various genres, so there will be plenty of singing and dancing! Spectacular shows, family contests, and open competitions –one will find it hard to get bored! Unusual photo zones will help make wonderful photos to remember the fest!

Come to the Maslenitsa celebration in Mayak Minska with family and friends, and let's welcome spring with smiles and great mood together!

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