222603, Nesvizh, Sovetskaya str., 1


. (for business correspondence)

Reception phone:

+375 (1770) 5-94-49

Fax reception:

+375 (1770) 5-10-91

Operating mode:

on working days: 8.00 - 17.00, lunch break: 13.00 - 14.00

Telephone «hot line» of the regional executive committee:

+375 (1770) 5-94-49

Single help service telephone number «one window»: 142

Social Security

The education system of the Nesvizh region is represented by 50 educational establishments:

  • The Nesvizh National Belarusian Gymnasium;
  • The Nesvizh national regional gymnasium;
  • 18 schools, among them are 4 kindergarten-schools;
  • 4 basic schools including one kindergarten-school;
  • 19 preschool establishments, among them is a sanatoria-type kindergarten;
  • A preschool education and development centre “Solnyshko”;
  • Gorodeya boarding school;
  • A regional centre of after-school activities;
  • The Nesvizh regional centre for correctional education and rehabilitation;
  • The recreation camp “Orlenok”;
  • The Nesvizh Yakub Kolas College.

The health services are provided in the region by 31 medical institutions:

The Nesvizh region central hospital (295 beds), the Gorodets hospital (80 beds), the Snov hospital (15 beds), six ambulance stations, 21 feldsher-midwife stations and one aid post.

There are five therapeutic, three obstetric-gynecologic and five pediatric units in the regional policlinic.

There are 28 sports halls, three swimming pool, a stadium, four football grounds, ten sports grounds and five rooms for sports activities in the region.

Sports establishments provide different sport activities such as volleyball, basketball, mini-football, wu-shu, aerobics, ping-pong, fitness, body-building and swimming.

More than 40 sports competitions are held in the region annually for regional organizations and establishments.

The prizewinners of the national and oblast-wide competitions are Dmitry Polishchuk (biathlon), Egor Orlov (judo), Marina Verstak (combined events), Sergei Romanovsky, Aleksei Sharapa (cross-country skiing), Olga Simonova (judo.

The winner of the Minsk oblast football cup was a team of the Nesvizh pharmaceutical plant. The football club “Veras” placed 6th in the national first league football championships. The team “Veras-92” ranked 3rd in the U15 national football championships.

Andrei Talashko has earned a license for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

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